What is MVN?

Medical Variety Night (MVN) is an annual variety charity show hosted by the Queen’s University School of Medicine students and faculty.

On April 3rd and 4th, 2020, we will be holding the 50th anniversary of Medical Variety night! MVN is a longstanding tradition, with participation from over 200 students as well as faculty members. Acts include musical performances, comedic shorts, and dance productions, such as a 4-act Bollywood dance, an a cappella group, and a touching tribute from the outgoing class of 2020. Drawing an audience of over 500 attendees each year, MVN has consistently been one of the largest events hosted by the Queen’s School of Medicine. The event is frequented by the Queen’s medical community, students from the university, and many Kingston residents.

This year all proceeds go to Kingston’s Street Health Centre.

Follow the Paypal link below for tickets!

Ticket Pricing is as follows: 

Student Price: $15

General Admission: $20

All tickets at the Door: $20/night

Performers, please purchase your performer’s pass for $15 to get access to both show nights!

Ticket Type PayPal link
Friday April 3, 7:00pm – Student Ticket $15
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Friday April 3, 7:00pm – Adult Ticket $20
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Saturday April 4, 7:00pm – Student Ticket $15
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Saturday April 4, 7:00pm – Adult Ticket $20
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Performer’s Pass – $15
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We wouldn’t be able to put on our show without your generous support. Please consider donating to MVN. As a registered charity, all donations over $50 will receive a tax receipt. Thank you for your support!

Panel 1

Message from the Directors

On behalf of MVN 2019: Circadian Rhapsody, we would like to take a moment to thank our wonderful team, including the promotions, tech, and backstage crews who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this show a reality. We would also like to thank our wonderful emcees and all the performers who have been rehearsing since the beginning of the school year to put on an amazing show! Thank you to Queen’s University and the UGME for your ongoing support, as well as to the Kingston community and local businesses.

To our QMed family, thank you for being so awesome and providing us with countless reasons to celebrate you! Not only is MVN a fantastic show – it is also a provides a great opportunity to share the wonderful talents of our students that may otherwise go unnoticed. 

MVN 2019: Circadian Rhapsody promises to be one of the most fun and elaborate shows  to date! Endless hours have gone into its production, and we cannot wait to share the results with all of you…. Now in the true spirit of Queen – lets get ready to rock!

– Emily Wilkerson, Charlotte Coleman, Stephanie Jiang, and Therese Servito

Panel 2

Meet the Emcees

Michelle Lutsch and Alexandra Morra….

In the beginning, there was…


Lucy & Ethel

Thelma & Louise

Monica & Rachel

Poehler & Fey

Meredith & Cristina


And now?

Morra & Lutsch: the other McDreamy and McSteamy

Killer Queens. Champions. Under Pressure to Rock You and bring greatness to the emcee role.

This iconic duo was brought together initially under the romantic fluorescent lighting that illuminated the anatomy lab. The puns -rolled, the banter- unstoppable, and the chemistry – palpable. Much akin to the seasons the first year came and went, but soon enough, they were reunited again. Their spark erupted into a flame as they bonded over their only child upbringings, obsession with otters and shared love for Top Gun. They feel the need, the need, to be emcees…


MVN is an incredible opportunity to bring the QMed and Kingston community together and raises both money and awareness for a good cause. And no, we don’t mean funding our vacation to the California Otter Sanctuary (although donations are graciously accepted). Support the Good Minds Program and please come witness some extremely talented individuals featuring an assortment of questionably appropriate jokes from us!


We eagerly await with bated breath to be your hosts for the evening, mostly to redeem ourselves from our looming hip hop performance near the end of the show.


With Love like no Otter,


Alex & Michelle


Panel 3

Meet the Performers

We are proud to present some of our wonderful performers here! 

Photography by Samiyah Khan, QMed 2022

Panel 4

Kingston’s Street Health Centre

Proceeds from MVN 2020 will benefit Kingston’s Street Health Centre

The Street Health Centre is a 365 day a year harm reduction health centre located at 115 Barrack Street. SHC specializes in providing accessible, responsive, health services to communities that are marginalized from mainstream healthcare services. Street Health began as a needle exchange program in 1992 and has since evolved into a one-stop shopping model, providing multiple health, disease prevention, primary care, and treatment services. Street Health has several priority populations including: people who use injection, inhalant, and illicit drugs, those involved in the sex trade, high-risk youth, the homeless, and people recently released from incarceration. Street Health’s services are open to all members of the community.

Their staff consists of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, doctors, counsellors, an Indigenous elder, support workers, and administrative personnel. Extended hours for outreach are offered at regular times throughout the week. Counsellors with Street Health Centre are able to work with people on a variety of issues, including:

  • basic needs
  • referrals
  • life skills
  • personalized counselling
  • support for drug use, addictions, sexual health, mental health, Hepatitis C, smoking cessation, pregnancy child protection issues

Please visit their website for more details and to donate: https://kchc.ca/barrack-street/street-health-centre/